Zurthol Hygiene Spray


Breakthrough Chloroxylenol Hygiene Spray

A ready-to-use and no-touch hygiene spray   

SMELL CLEAN – Lemon Fresh


  •      New & Unique combination with proven efficacy
  •      To access where solution cannot,
  •      even in small crevicessuch as garbage, pet cage, car console, kitchen, bathroom etc
  •      User-friendly & Use it to protect your family everyday
  •      Safe (non irritant*), pH neutral, gentle to skin
  •      Handy and convenient for daily lifestyle
  •      For good hygiene in the home and hospital


  •       Meets American AOAC Efficacy Standards for Hospital Antiseptic Spray75ml &Aerosol Disinfectant
  •       Active Chloroxylenol is registered with the USA Environment Protection Agency (EPA No.49403-1)
  •      HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia(SN:002825)
  •       Zurthol products are manufactured under strict QC supervision from Manufacturer of Antiseptic Medicated Products
  •       Use of the state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with strict GMP (OTC) specification
  •       Not air cleaner, not air refreshe 

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    Zurthol® Hygiene Multi-purpose Disinfectant Solution Good Quality and affordable price For good hygiene in the home & hospital SMELL CLEAN Cheaper than leading brand for ...